3D2N dreamlike Yangon-Bagan-Yangon

The remains of ancient civilization are always enchanting. It is amazing how cultures fuse – Myanmar is a mix of China and India. Continue reading 3D2N dreamlike Yangon-Bagan-Yangon


2-Day crash trip in Hong Kong & Macau

Free flights to Hong Kong!! One fine day an aggressive sales eDM landed in my inbox and it led me to quickly call a friend who agreed within seconds to come along IF and only IF I can get tickets at $0. Honestly I doubted the server capacity the moment I logged on to the website as surely hundreds of thousands of people were trying to get on the booking system. With … Continue reading 2-Day crash trip in Hong Kong & Macau

Enchanting Taiwan: a week is too short!

I have visited Taiwan twice in different seasons, in November just before winter (the best time!) and during summer some years later. In both journey I wished I had superpower to stop time. Here are 20 reasons why: Public transportation is well maintained (and relatively clean): The places of interest in Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, are mostly accessible via a combination of metro, bus and walking. Even … Continue reading Enchanting Taiwan: a week is too short!