3D2N recharge in Kuching

“Where on earth is that?” you might ask. I would paste some explanation from my top source of information (I am not writing a thesis so don’t roll your eyes):

“Kuching is the capital and the most populous city in the state of Sarawak in Malaysia. The city is situated on the Sarawak River at the southwest tip of the state of Sarawak on the island of Borneo” – Wikipedia

If you have not already guessed, I am based in Asia so I enjoy the privilege of traveling shorter distance to where some of you call “paradise”…sometimes I wonder what it takes for a place to be honored with such title; I grew up in Asia so the landscape and weather is usual to me. Anyway, kuching sounds like ‘kucing’, which in Bahasa Indonesia and Melayu means ‘cat’. The first thing I noticed around the city was the many statues of cats – really! I’ll break down my tips by category:


It was late afternoon when we reached the town and decided to explore for the first meal. Kuching is famous for its kolo mee (a type of noodle dish) so you MUST TRY this along with their specialty drink, 3-colored teh (tea+milk+brown sugar). I’m serious – I can have them everyday.

I recommend walking around the city to visit their local market and to enter as many food courts as possible. For a lively dinner ambience, it’s worth visiting Top Spot food court located at the top of a car park (we used Google Maps to walk there). The seafood here is famous, and most people agree with that if you look at the Trip Advisor rating for this. The bamboo chicken we ordered was perfect!

Don’t skip chinatown for food!! The laksa and don’t skip the chilli!! I don’t know why I am hysteric now but food gets me excited! Don’t be fooled by the run-down place.

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Check out Sarawak Cultural Village for a comprehensive understanding of the region. You will pass Mt. Santubong (read the legend to get into the mood). Walking through the park you will see many wooden houses unique to Borneo. The compound is also really close to Damai Beach (Damai means peaceful, and really I can’t spot any waves).

If you are back in the city after 4 pm, it is a good time to walk/jog along the river. On the way back, pass some cake shop and try their customized layer cake (kueh lapis). You can take the boat to the other side if you have time / are feeling adventurous.

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The highlight for most visitors would be Semenggoh Wildlife Center (I proudly say I made it there via public transport and some confusion, you’ll understand if you opt for this route). The place is a huge park housing many orangutans – half a day is enough. I took public transport back to the city and had the time of my life entering almost every souvenir shop (they make nice bead jewelry!) along the river. I also remembered going to the shopping mall for a bit.


Verdict: I think 3D2N is sufficient to see all I wanted to see so I would not stay longer if I have another chance to visit. The city is quiet; to enjoy this I recommend going with a close friend for some reflective discussion away from your hectic schedule. Oh, almost forgot to tell you that I spent about USD 300 for everything inclusive flight.

1 USD= RM 4.4

Have a good time!



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    1. HAHAHAH after your comment I realize they say ‘samsung camera pictures’ LOL! Those are honestly looking amateur compared to those you snap – alright you’ll see me browsing your blog now..


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