Bali’s Hidden Canyon: Beji Guwang

I heard about Beji Guwang for the first time during my trip in May 2017. I was catching up with an old friend who has now moved to Bali and between munching McDonald ice cream, she casually mentioned about this newly discovered canyon that is not too touristy (yet). She flicked her phone and I saw images of rocks and water then some Tarzan ropes. Hmmm…interesting.  This friend of mine recommended this over parasailing as I have ~8 hours before my flight the next day. “It’s tough to explore alone, so you need to hire a guide and tip him later,” she explained.

The next morning about 10am, I ordered a ride to Sukawati from Kuta, which can be expensive if you take the non-metered cab. If you get Uber/Grab, you need to be very discreet as the local drivers are protesting against online cab companies. I notice this is not happening only in Bali but in some other cities like Jakarta and Batam too. Really, the drivers can get violent if they find an Uber/Grab taxi in their territory. I reached about 11am due to some traffic and then went around ~15 mins because the driver did not exactly know which lane to enter. (Patience..)

With just Rp 15k, I bought the entrance ticket, but now they’ve made it mandatory to tip the guide ~Rp 100k ($10). Tips: Come in a group of 3-4 if you want a good deal!

5 minutes to entering the place, I asked if there is a toilet somewhere and the answer was “no”. My guide said, “I don’t think you’ll want to climb back up, so when you are under water later you can just do your business. At some part, the water will cover your waist”.


Not long after entering the water, I was advised to take off my flip flop. Apparently being barefoot on a slippery rock gives better grip than when wearing a flip flop. I have sensitive foot, so it turned out to be extreme for me…walking ~3 hours on stones& rocks barefooted (yes I usually can’t even walk on those footwear with beads, those you wear to help with blood circulation). Despite the pain I find the place quite intriguing, I even met people doing pre-wedding shoots in there =O

My guide loves taking photo I ended up with >100 shots!! Too bad I did not have a better camera.

Here is my bravest pose:



How to get there? From Kuta (Bali), it’s a ~45 – 60 mins drive ($10 by Uber/Grab). The place is near Sukawati, quite accessible.

Best season: Summer, to view clear water

Attire: Casual, quick-dry clothing. No shoes.

Time required: You will take 2-4 hours exploring the first part, stopping alot for pictures (like me), and another hour if you are going to the second section; the water will get a bit deeper if you attempt this.

Fee: Rp 15 k ($1.5) for entrance + Rp 100k ($10) tip for guide (I stress you MUST get a guide as the path is unfamiliar and most time you walk in water. The last thing you want is to stumble as you are walking through water and get your camera/phone soaked!)

Safe to go solo? Yes!

Happy trekking! Remember to bring some water and snacks with you to keep your tummy happy.



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